Technical Support

USB device drivers for V-FC9300, V-FC9100
CDMA2000 1X RTT: V-FC9300_1X_Windows_Drivers

USB device drivers for V-FC9500, V-FC9550, V-FC9650
CDMA2000 1X RTT: V-FC9550_1X_Windows_Drivers

USB device drivers for V-FC9550, V-FC9650
CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev. A: V-FC9550_EV-DO_Windows_Drivers

USB device drivers and software for V-ME500
CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev. B: V-ME500_Avenor_Connect

Our support team will answer any questions, including ones related to terminal configuration for specific telecom networks and related to software updates. We also welcome your suggestions for new terminal features and any feedback on quality issues. Our team will strive to provide quick feedback and we will publish the most popular questions in FAQ format.

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